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Fill the form bellow, website will automatically generate IMM5744 'Consent to Disclosure form.
Please be reassured that we can only use this form to assist you in obtaining a copy of your file - we cannot use it for any other reason.
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1.Visa Applicant Information
1.Optional Method

Our system will automatically generated IMM5774 form. If you have already Download and fill-up IMM5744 'Consent to Disclosure form' yourself than upload it here, you donot need to fill information in the website.

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2. Designated representative Info

In this section, you will fill the information about who will received you document in canada. If you donot have anyone in canada, and
you want our representative to received your document, than donot fill the form, our representative information will automatically added.

3.Related Individual Information

In this section, you will fill the information about those people who are apply with you. For example, Dependent applicant, Childrens.
If you have related individuals in your application than fill their information and make them sign accordingly.
*Note: Only three related individuals are allow to fill through same form,if they are more than three,you need to fill the next form

1. Applicant 1

2. Applicant 2

3. Applicant 3

Signature of respective Relatives Here. Slowly move your pointers.Try Multiple times to get the best signature.

4. Applicant signature

Sign though mouse, touch screen ,try multiple times to make perfect sign.
If you are not able to make perfect sign like handwritten than follow these steps:
- to download your information filled form
- Print the form
- sign and upload it through ( 1. Optional Methods, located at top of this webpage)

Signature of Applicant Here. Slowly move your pointers. Try Multiple times to get the best signature. Touch Screen will be easy.

5. Paying for Caips

We use countrywise payment option. Click Pay for Caips to goto Payment procedure.
We use PayPal exclusively to process credit and debit card transactions for our clients - it is quick, easy and secure and it means that you don't have to share your card details with us! Visit our How To Pay page for further details of how to pay via PayPal.
Pay for Caips

If you are don't have a credit / debit card or are unable to pay via PayPal, please contact us and we will try to find a solution for you.

Email at : aesha@forcanadavisa.com for details on payment.

File requests are processed by IRCC in Ottawa, Canada. Most file requests are processe take around 5 weeks. You will received your file in (PDF) format in email.